Testing Period Ends Within

Frequent Questions

What's going on!!!

Testing Period is the period of testing our platform for users usage, to solve any problems that may happen before the official launch which will extend until 1st of February.

You can take advantage of that period to review the platform, in addition to getting all information about the services, tools, and buying and selling policies.

Trial Period is the period of allowing sellers to register regarding to verify identification, select store class.

In addition to support sellers by answering sellers questions, solving sellers problems and adding/uploading products.

We are planning to open the platform once we have 1000 seller on the platform from our 33 country where we work during the trail period.

So we need your support by inviting your friends, family members and workmates to join us as sellers to get our target and start as soon as possible. 

No, we won't charge you any fees or monthly payment during trial period. But once we officially open the platform, you have to start paying for your class monthly membership (for Bronze class you don't have to pay any monthly membership).

No, we will just start with women section and within couple of weeks after open officially, we will add Baby, kids, Boys, Girls and Men sections consecutively. 

After that we will add Home & Kitchen, Books, Games and Stationery & Office... so on.